Welcome to Aspen Construction

Welcome to Aspen Construction

Whether you are interested in building a new addition or in adding a new sparkle to your existing home through remodeling, think Aspen Construction and we would be delighted to do a free in-home consultation and visit with you about any ideas you may have.

Aspen Construction has been a trusted name and serving
northern Colorado since 1977

We’re confident Aspen Construction is the right choice for you.

Category I
In-House Services at No Charge:

  • Initial meeting with client
  • Computerized preliminary cost estimate
  • Field inspection of lot with client to determine suitability for building

Category II
In-House Services offered by Aspen Construction at No Additional Charge to Aspen clients who ultimately sign a contract with Aspen Construction to construct their home:

  • Additional design consultations such as bathroom, kitchen and lighting layout
  • Engineering and structural analysis of plans
  • Preparation of site plans
  • Preparing permit applications for well, septic and building permits
  • Revised cost estimates
  • Preparation of draft contract and specifications

If the client does not sign a contract with Aspen Construction, these in-house services will be billed to the client at the rate of $65.00/hour.

Category III
Outside Architectural and Engineering Services to be Paid by the Client

  • Architectural renderings
  • Preparation or modification of plans
  • Survey work